business computer repair services portland oregon

Business IT Support

We will come to your office or home office to solve any technical problems you may have including networking, server maintenance, security, and backup, and general computer repair services. Managed support plans are available for a set monthly fee, in which we maintain your server, monitor backups and visit your location for preventive maintenance, wellness checkups, and provide general desktop support.

computer repair services portland oregon

Repair/Consulting Shop

Visit our located in close-in N Portland for all kinds of computer repair services and upgrades. We do virus and malware cleaning / removal, hardware repair, laptop repair (including LCD screen replacement), tune-ups, SSD upgrades, data recovery, hard drive, memory and video card upgrades, personal one-on-one consultations, and setting up proper backups. Great for migrating data to new computer. We can advise on upgrades or whether the computer is worth fixing!

Remote Computer Repair Services portland oregon

Remote Support

Call in now and we can help you with many problems remotely. Just go to our remote service page and give us a call. Our help desk is available during business hours to assist with technical issues and consulting.

on site computer repair services portland oregon

Residential Computer and Network Service

There are a great deal of issues that require us to physically be there. Gene can visit your home or business for anything from printing problems, network issues, and virus removal. We can also connect and configure devices such as routers, printers, scanners, and backup drives. New computer setup and moving data from old computer can be a complicated process, and we can help accomplish it making sure all functionality in place as you had it before.

custom built gaming computer portland oregon

Custom Built PCs

Want a custom built computer assembled and supported locally with top tier components? We can build you a blazing fast machine just to your specifications, or you can choose from one of our preconfigured options. Work with Marcus to create the computer of your dreams.  Great daily-use workstations, custom gaming computers, custom CAD computers.

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