Cloud Backup Services

All hard drives fail eventually. They are mechanical, made by humans, and have lots of moving parts. All computer users should treat hard drive failure as imminent, and have a scheduled, verifiable backup on another hard drive. Best bet is a USB connected external drive available at any office supply store. In addition to that backup, using cloud backup services such as Carbonite allows you to keep a copy of your important data in a different city, stored in a very safe and secure server, that can be easily accessed any time to restore one or all of your files. Click the link to get started!

Cloud Backup Services

To begin the sign up process, you can just click on the Carbonite logo. Call us to help guide you through the process: 503-289-1986.

A cloud backup is nothing more than a copy of your select data copied up via the internet to a secure server located in a data center – for Carbonite the data center is located in Boston, USA. The redundancy and encryption requirements and standards of the data center make it an extremely safe and secure method for handling data loss risk.

The cloud backup protects you in the event that you neglected to backup to the USB connected drive, or if it stops working, or if you somehow lose all data on both drives due to a major event such as theft, fire, water damage, earthquake, or if data was encrypted by ransomware.

A good cloud backup service is like life insurance for your data. In the past few years cloud storage has become extremely econimical, so there’s little excuse to not implement as part of your backup strategy. Metro Computerworks has partnered with Carbonite to help get you started. Personal plans with Carbonite start at about $60 annually.