Home Computer Service

You can schedule Metro Computerworks for home computer service and network consultations in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. Same service if you have a home office. Call to schedule: 503-289-1986.

Some problems you might want resolved can be worked on via remote access, if you prefer. This is where once you call us, we guide you to a web page where you’ll be prompted to enter your name and a secure support key (that we provide), and we take control of your computer. Call to have us open a secure session to take control of your PC or Mac to help with malware / virus cleanup, security scans and updates, software problem solving and diagnosis. All you need is a working internet connection.

We can come to your home or home office to handle a variety of issues including:

  • New computer setups with network and data migration
  • Email setup, configuration or problem solving
  • Virus and malware cleanups, security scans and updates
  • Network integration for home media/TV setups
  • Peripheral setup like printers, scanners all-in-ones
  • Internet and WIFI setup and problem solving
  • Training and orientation for new or different operating systems or software
  • Pickup and delivery for shop work
  • Upgrade to Windows 10

Home / Home Office service rate is $100/hour. There is a 1-hour minimum charge, rounded to nearest quarter-hour after that first hour. A trip fee might apply if the travel distance to your location exceeds 20 miles.


If you are a business, please see our Business Support Page.

Home computer service and repair portland oregon

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