Laptop Repair

Metro Computerworks is the place to go for laptop repair in Portland Oregon. We have a fast turnaround time and a friendly attentive staff that will pinpoint the problem and repair it in the most economical way, or tell you if it’s not going to be worth it.

Laptops are essential for many everyday tasks, and a broken laptop can end up costing you valuable time and money. Get it fixed professionally at Metro Computerworks.

We can address a number of laptop issues including:

  • Power jack replacement.
  • LCD cable and screen replacements.
  • Broken keyboard repair and replacement.
  • Dust removal.
  • Fan replacement.
  • Macbook repairs and Upgrades.
  • Speaker/ headphone jack replacement.

Our shop service rate is $60/hour, with most of the listed tasks taking 1-3 hours.



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