Shop Repair Services

We offer a variety of services in our shop to get you back in business quickly! With a fast turnaround time on all shop repair services and a free second look within 30 days, as some behaviors can be traced back to environmental variables such as printers,external hard drives and scanners.  We can help with nearly any computer issue, a sampling of what we do in the shop includes:


  • Operating system upgrade or reinstall – download / install device drivers and current updates. Wipe partition, reformat, reinstall, backup and restore critical data.
  • Malware, virus, spyware cleaning. Check out our flat fee computer tune up!
  • Troubleshoot startup issues, hardware and software problems.
  • Test and replace failed components – Most common: power supply, hard drive, motherboard (logic board).
  • Hardware Upgrades – additional memory (RAM), larger or additional hard drives, video cards, CPUs., add PCI cards for ethernet or wireless networking.
  • Backup solutions – Make sure the right stuff is getting backed up to the right place and that it’s verified.
  • Data recovery – We can attempt data recovery from corrupted hard drives or from hard drives rescued from dead computers. If your hard drive has physically failed (makes a clicking sound or won’t spin up) please call to discuss options.
  • Apple iPod/iPhone consulting. Recover iTunes to new computer or from backup or get your iTunes library and songs folder straightened out. Macintosh or Windows. For broken iPods or iPhones, and iPads we recommend Matt Moore and Wired iRepair. His shop located close-in NW Portland.
  • Personalized coaching / training for just about any computer topic. This includes Windows, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word, Etc.), Quickbooks, and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Data migration including moving all programs and data to be exactly where it was on your old computer. Make the most of new hardware but don’t lose your customization and files.
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