Small Business Computer Support

Metro Computerworks provides small business computer support and server / network support for clients in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. We can visit your office – or your home office, by appointment. Appointments are set simply by calling the office at 503-289-1986.

business computer support portland oregon
business computer support portland oregon

What We Do:

We’re happy to offer an extremely sensible kind of hybrid support – a balance of MSP (Managed Service Provider) and a Pay-As-You-Go type of support.
It’s an approach that’s economical for you and efficient for us. We think it accomplishes the core objective of support, and enures you don’t pay for what you don’t need. Know someone is monitoring the essentials, and is available quickly and reliably in the event of urgency – example – failed hard drive, network down, staff turnover, cracked screen, email not working.

The setup is quite simple:

  • Site survey to assess server, computers and network.
  • Set up scheduled image backups that send email notification to us if they ever have a problem. An image backup is a restorable copy of an entire computer.
  • Set up Cloud backup service also with email notification if it stops due to anything. such as “subscription expired”, or “exceeded data limit”.
  • Set up unattended remote access to your server for updates, event monitoring and backup maintenance and to handle error notifications.
  • Arrange scheduled “wellness visit” to visually inspect the server and backups. Usually monthly.
  • Ensure you have our shop phone number and technician cell phone in place to call any time for advice or help or to schedule a visit.
  • Then we do our best to be available for your service requests. We have to prioritize by urgency. Fairly rare to encounter this, but a server down emergency call goes in front of a Printer setup some time next week call.

On-Site/Remote Connect service calls are usually for these kinds of requests:

  • Can’t access a share or printer
  • Can’t scan to email or scan to folder from Copier or All in One printer.
  • Set up new computer or new staff on PC and network
  • Quickbooks Sharing problems – Quickbooks multi-user issues.
  • Router and / Wifi access setup.
  • VPN or Remote Desktop access to the office from home or the road

Some scenarios require taking the computer to the shop overnight or for the day:

  • Hard drive replacement
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • SSD upgrades
  • Migrating all data to a new computer or laptop
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems
  • Troubleshooting boot problems
  • Updating Windows from 7 to 10

For home users, please see our Home IT Support page.