About Us

Metro Computerworks was founded in January 2002 in its current location. The shop is not a retail parts store, but a repair / consulting shop. No appointment needed to come see us for dropping off a computer for diagnosis or repair. 

What sets us apart from others is personal attention. We often describe our service model as “concierge-class”, meaning we work with care and urgency to each client on a case by case basis. Calls are answered in person by a knowledgeable technician. Though we know you’d rather not see us if you don’t have to, we strive to earn long-lasting relationships.

Gene Gratton – Owner

Gene is a native Portlander. He began as a Macintosh consultant after Apple Computer introduced the Mac in the mid-eighties. Gene has over 25 years of computer support experience working with businesses and home clients. He has operated Metro Computerworks for since January, 2002 – gradually developing hundreds of clients in the Portland metropolitan area. He attended a Microsoft Certification boot camp in 2001 where he earned the Microsoft Certified Professional cert (MCP), and created Metro Computerworks as both a PC / Windows and Mac technologist. He holds undergraduate degrees in Business – Finance and International Studies, and earned an MBA from the University of Oregon. When not working on and in the business, he spends time with his lovely family, and practices classical guitar.

Marcus Tillett – IT Operations Manager

Marcus Tillett knows a lot of stuff from working in the trenches. He’s not the nerd kind of computer tech; more the musician, “geek-is-cool” type. What you will find is a perfect combination of deep-knowledge of the inner workings of the machine, patience and resourcefulness, topped off with calm, friendly demeanor. He has two sweet kids he takes care of with a passion. He is an avid cyclist and committed bike-commuter. We both get to benefit from his expertise and experience.

Marty – Shop Dog

Marty is a good dog. Marty came from Coos County where he was found as a stray in the Spring of 2011. He was sent to the Oregon Humane Society after qualifying for the Second Chance program. After a couple of days there I came to adopt him. He was quite timid and insecure at first, so I started bringing him with me on service calls and to the shop. The diverse exposure to so many people has grown his social skills and confidence. He’s a sucker for treats and likes to run and play in the park with other dogs, though he is a bit of a thief. He wants all the balls in the park for himself. You can surely meet him if you come by the shop.